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Cognate with Scots an and, North Frisian en and, West Frisian en, in and, Low German un and, Dutch en and, German und and, Danish end but, Swedish än yet, but, Icelandic enn still, yet, Albanian edhe and dialectal ênde, ênne, ende still, yet, therefore, Latin ante opposite, in front of, and Ancient Greek antí, opposite, facing.
And Definition of And by Merriam-Webster.
When and is used in describing locations, it indicates a point where two streets meet or cross. For example, in I" live at Third and Main, the and indicates that the speaker lives close to where Third Street and Main Street meet or cross.
AND gate - Wikipedia.
NMOS AND gate. An AND gate can be designed using only N-channel pictured or P-channel MOSFETs, but is usually implemented with both CMOS The digital inputs a and b cause the output F to have the same result as the AND function.
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And Wikipedia.
Bitwise AND, a boolean operation in programming, typically notated as and or. Short-circuit and, a short-circuit operator, notated, and, and then, etc. Ampersand, the symbol" representing and." AND gate, in electronics. Arts and media edit. And John Martyn album, 1996.

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